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bigscreen spacex

BigScreen is Letting People Get Together Virtually

BigScreen is another VR application which brings you and your PC into a mutual virtual space with those you want to be around. The organization is leaving stealth to report…

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intel virtual reality

Intel Jumped Head First Into Virtual Reality

  Late bits of gossip make it appear to be likely that Intel will be entering the Augmented Reality (AR) market, utilizing its RealSense technology as a key segment. Given…

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Sony VR

Now Sony Speaks on Virtual Reality

  Virtual ready is ready to be a major theme one week from now at the Diversion Designers Meeting, and now one of the key players has talked up to…

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PlayStation vr roadtovr

Sony’s Announcement for PlayStation VR Headset in October

Sony has become the first to launch a mass- market virtual reality headset, which could move the VR technology to the mainstream. The device which is worn on the head…

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chinadaily com cn

It’s Hard To See How Cool VR Is

If you’re still skeptical about VR, the best way to not be skeptical anymore would be to try it. Once you try VR, there’s a good chance you will understand…

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PlayStation vr geeklyng net

Introducing PlayStation VR Headset

PlayStation VR offers unexpected gaming experiences to gamers as they play some of the highly anticipated titles of 2016 including an all-new Star Wars Battlefront gaming experience and games like…

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htcvive steam

Now Possible To Play Non-Virtual Reality Games on HTC Vive

Valve recently declared that it has propelled an early beta test for the SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode, which empowers gamers to play non-virtual-reality games with VR systems. The mode will…

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Luna 360 degree camera scrappybook

Introducing the New Luna 360-degree Camera

This is a user-friendly camera that is to be introduced into the market this year. It’s usually used to produce home made videos that can be transferred to other gadgets….

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VR headset

VR Industry and Processes are Being Created

The appearance of virtual reality is creating lots of ways for people to be able to experience pretty much anything they want to experience. Video games are the apparent medium…

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Most Price Worthy Virtual Reality Headsets

The thought of strapping a showcase to your face may even now appear like a fantasy of the past to a great many people, however through the span of this…

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