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What is VR?

why try vr

Why You Should Try Virtual Reality

  It will be your dream to own a virtual reality headset one day. Yes, you will one day want to put on one of those hilarious goggles and you…

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magnifying glass

We Need To Clarify Virtual Reality

There are all sorts of possibilities with virtual reality and augmented reality and it’s safe to say, there’s no way to know exactly where it’s going to take us. Chuang…

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virtual reality origin

Where Did Virtual Reality Originate?

In 1938, Antonin Artaud explained the misapprehension nature of characters and objects in the show business as “la realite virtuelle” in an assortment of essays Le Theatre et son double….

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Some Random VR Facts

Some Random Virtual Reality Facts

In 2001, SAS3 or SAS Cube turned out to be the first PC based cubic room. It was created by Z-A Production (Maurice Benayoun, David Nahon), Barco, Clarte and installed…

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how does vr work

Virtual Reality: VR Definition and Examples

Before we can talk or say something about virtual reality, we must know fully what virtual reality is. It’s a common mistake which we the common people commit often. We…

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Virtual Reality

Concepts of Virtual Reality

The underlying principle around virtual reality is creating illusion draws from an innate human need to remove him or herself from real life. People have tried using drugs like marijuana,…

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5 Virtual Reality Lessons Learned at SXSW

The Oculus Rift reality headset has been assimilated well in the market, but their prices usually scare off customers. A lot of people who went to SXSW were able to…

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vr gear

The Ways VR Will Be Leveraged

The month of March was the month for innovation as lots of organizations visited the Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco and the South by Southwest event in Austin….

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Virtual Reality in a desktop

How A Desktop Will Look With Virtual Reality

Quality desktops that have the ability to support virtual reality are ready to be sold to customers. Like how skydiving has been demonstrated, consumers will use this rift for powerful…

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virtual reality

What are Virtual Reality Glasses?

Virtual reality glasses otherwise known as virtual reality goggles or virtual reality headsets are becoming more and more common for use in gaming. They are light in weight and very…

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