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What is VR?

virtual reality headset

Why You Need Virtual Reality

Brands are trying out VR in experiments, notable among them is the NBA, which shows a 360 degree game footage, Ford designs its vehicle interiors using VR technology and Marriott…

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is Still Foreign
 to Many

VR is beginning to catch on and heat up across the world with companies and new potential customers. There are still many skeptics though considering VR is foreign to many….

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Jesse Schell

10 Virtual Reality Predictions

The Game Developer Conference (GDC) was held in San Francisco recently. There were lots of gamers, developers, and VR enthusiasts. Jesse Schell is one of the people that attended GDC….

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virtual reality headset

VR is Puzzling, Isolating, yet Extremely Fun

Home entertainment technology continues to churn out new innovations as technological innovations continue to provide a lot of options. The latest of these innovations is virtual reality. The technology has…

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Virtual Reality: The Definition

Virtual reality is an artificial environment created utilizing software and it’s shown to the user in a way that the user feels as though they’re in a real environment. Virtually…

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Virtual Reality

4 Ways to Use Virtual Reality 

As 2016 begins, the virtual reality industry seems to be starting to grow quickly. A computer scientist, named Ivan Sutherland once said in a paper in 1965 that computer-generated visual…

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What Features Exist in Virtual Reality?

It is difficult to forget those moments when Valve and HTC each had an event talking about their products. The main goal of the Valve and HTC events was to…

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Virtual Reality Gear

What Differences Will VR Create In Our Daily Activities

Howard Goldbaum, Director of Graduate Studies at UNR’s Reynolds School of Journalism, was among the first developers of VR. He says that VR experiences are going to branch out into…

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Virtual Reality Football

The Real Meaning of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality creates a mesmerizing and realistic environment which is made possible through the computer generated software. The VR creates a real image of the image on your screen and…

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Virtual Reality

An Explanation Of What Virtual Reality Is

Many people might want to know what VR is all about. This can be described as a 3D image that’s interactive. The image is connected to a smartphone or computer…

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