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What is VR?

Hololens in the past

Virtual Reality History

We get to look at how virtual reality has evolved and how key pioneers have paved the way for what we have today. Panoramic paintings: these were the earliest attempts…

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chuansong dot me

How The Illusion Becomes Real In Virtual Reality

As a user looks into a make believe setting, their senses and the systems response mechanism should always be in harmony. For example, sound denoting a car just crashed in…

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Virtual Reality Immersion

Understanding Immersion In The Context Of Virtual Reality

The term used in virtual reality circles to refer to the total engagement of the human senses so much that one cannot differentiate between the virtual and real world is…

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Virtual Reality Could Affect Our Time with Family and Friends

When you use a virtual reality system, it helps take you to a fantasy 3D world where you feel like an active participant. The possibilities are endless. Zuckerberg said, “Imagine…

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VR Headsets

Quality Overall in Virtual Reality

At technology events like Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there’s a decent risk a strangely formed visor will be strapped to your head and squeezed against your eyes with an…

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wearable how VR lenses function

How Virtual Reality Lenses Function

  Human eyes have built in lenses that are located in the black part. Receptors, which are located at the back of the eyes convert the incoming light into useful…

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