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Cave Story Editor To Launch Virtual Reality Artistic Music Visuals

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Since music visuals are a past thing, today’s generation is embracing virtual reality artistic visuals. That’s what Nicalis is expecting to happen with Dimensional Intersection, a new pair of headsets to be released. The music visuals for Oculus and PlayStation VR are the one that have adopted the name.


When you look at it for the first time it may seem like an ordinary music visual, but when you know about its 3 dimensional features you’ll be glad to wear it. Though it doesn’t look like a common game for most people, the dimensional intersection will be a great platform for showcasing the ability of the VR. The Users will get the chance to experience something new that connects to melodies. The theme song will feature musicians like Land Switcher, MONS and Soulacybin with their music being well composed so the recorders can manipulate easily.

This feature will be able to put music into a cleaner form. Basically, music lovers have a lot to look forward to since the virtual reality world will bring about a huge change in the music industry. Dimensional Intersectional is to be launched in October meaning it will be available when PlayStation VR is still new in the market.


Watch the video below



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