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Choosing the Right VR Headset for You


Virtual reality (VR) headset abounds in the market place. Most of these devices have great features that will surely give you an exciting time with trickles down your spine. If you’re about to draw out your wallet to purchase a VR headsets, no doubt, a tour of the following review will certainly guide you. Check it out.

VR Headsets

No 1: Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Price: $15
Requirement: You’ll need a phone with at least Android 4.1 or iOS 8.0
Availability: Now available.
Details: The Google’s VR device is basically a folded cardboard with two glass lenses, and a slot for a cell phone. At the low price of $15, you can’t expect more than this. It doesn’t require you to strap it on, just hold it to your face and you will be watching 360-degree videos (refugee camps, political rallies, etc.). It is not a gaming headset.
Visit: if you desire to make the cardboard your personal headset.
Buy if: You wish to take part in the VR fun but you have a shallow pocket.


No 2: Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

Price: $100
Requirement: A Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, or Note 5
Availability: Now available
Details: Samsung Gear VR is similar to Google Cardboard deluxe. It is equipped with better padding and it has sensors that tell you’re putting it on with a button and a touchpad on the side which allows you to move through apps and menus without taking it off. You can attach a wireless video game controller, though Samsung talks up its immersive movie-watching “experiences”—3D versions of hits like The Hunger Games and The Martian. More movies and games are being made available for Gear VR regularly, with unrivaled content quality.
Buy if: You already own a Samsung phone and you desire a low-end headset.


No. 3: Sony PlayStation VR

Playstation VR

Price: $400
Requirement: A PlayStation console ($350) and PlayStation camera ($50 to $60)
Availability: October
Details: This device is the lowest end of the high-end headsets, which comes with external cameras to monitor the movement of your head and hands. (Sony’s model has lower screen resolution). These cameras allow PlayStation VR to completely transform your perception as you move your head around. Sony promises it will have 50 games with an exclusive Star Wars game. When they will make them available however is not clear at this time.
Buy if: You have a PlayStation, and you don’t mind waiting a few months.


No. 4: Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Price: $600
Requirement: A gaming PC. Oculus VR-endorsed models such as the Asus G11CD cost $1,050.
Availability: On sale but back-ordered until August, but limited to one per person
Details: Oculus Rift set off the VR craze when it launched as a Kickstarter project in 2012. Oculus is a work in progress like many a version 1.0. Oculus have on it a game called Lucky’s Tale, starring a cartoon fox; about 30 other titles are available, ranging from $5 to $60.
Buy if: You’ve prepared for a revolution.


No 5: Vive VR


Price: $800
Requirement: A gaming PC. Vive endorses the HP Envy, which costs $999.
Availability: On sale but back-ordered until June
Details: The collaboration between HTC and video game developer Valve gave birth to this most ambitious of the first-wave headsets. Most headsets require the wearer to remain stationary, but Vive VR is designed to be used while mobile. It also includes hand trackers to control games.
Buy if: You want top of the market that you can afford.


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