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Collision 2016 Was a Success

Collision is one of the most rapidly growing tech conference in the country and it was concluded a few days ago in New Orleans. It was an intense couple of days that was packed with a lot of aggressive entrepreneurs, perhaps even more than should be ideally assigned to a three-day conference. It is quite different from what you would expect but Collision 2016 ended on a positive note and it attracted a lot of startups and attendees from a lot of places.

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From April 26th through to 28th, thousands of attendees from all over the world gathered at Collision and there was a staggering amount of business cards shared during the event. Also attendees had the opportunity to know what was trending and shaping technology and innovation in present day.

In present times, tech seems to be the same thing with apps and coding but technology goes way beyond what new tool we are running on our iPhone. A lot of consumer products were present at Collision and it was brought together like a tradeshow for the tech set that also included pitch competitions and discussions from tech major players like Chris Sacca.

One thing that you can gather from the conference is that your app is one of a million other apps. And all of these apps are also trying to make money, all of these apps are also looking for investors and all of them gunning for success. So the question remains, “how do you stay relevant?”, you’ll have to have your research down and make your pitch to the right audience.


Virtual reality was one of the most exciting topics at the conference. There was a number of panels that discussed the topic and many VR exhibitors were in attendance. It is safe to say that the future is already here and even though we are still far from The Matrix type of tech advancement, we have something really big in our hands with VR. The entertainment and business value of VR and the possibility of bringing it to the masses is one to really think about. VR has found so many other applications outside of videos and gaming and we have seen it used for training purposes and to provide paralyzed people with a feeling of movement amongst many other accomplishments.

There is still a long way to go for VR technology but we have also come a long way and it is no wonder that this technology was the talk of the moment and everybody is trying to get on board the VR movement.

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