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Coloring Book With VR Hits Kickstarter

Children can use any pen, pencil or paint to color scenes in the book, then by holding a smartphone or tablet over the image, the characters and environments pictured come to life and appear in 4D.

Previously known for its pocket money stickers, Mardles is now moving into the coloring book space, thanks to its new Kickstarter campaign with discovAR.

Mardles commenced its campaign on the crowd-funding website to provide pre-orders of its first educational coloring book that uses both virtual and augmented reality (AR).

The new experience allows kids to hold a smartphone or tablet over a page, and this enable the characters and environments pictured to come to life and appear in 4D. Thus, they are creating moving images from their paintings.

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Another positive aspect is that users will be able to customize their own alien character at the beginning of the app, who is going to appear in each of the AR scenes. On the part of the VR mode, the alien will operate as the user’s eyes while exploring the on-screen environment for them.

The Campaign ran last June 1st, to be able to raise £16,500 to get the first set of coloring books shipped.

Co-creator of discovAR, Sharon Wyness said: “Children can still have all the traditional fun of coloring, but by using the technology at their fingertips, they can bring these scenes to life, watching in amazement as what’s on the page appears in front of their eyes in the colors they’ve chosen”.

“Most importantly for me as a mum, there are no expensive or special pens to buy. Kids can use all their own coloring stuff and parents are safe in the knowledge that, just like our stickers, there are no in-app purchases and once downloaded you don’t need Wi-Fi to make it all work. Just the free app.”

There will be three coloring book themes available for fans, including underwater, outer space and wildlife and three fun facts will also be included on each page. The experience will be sensational for the kids seeing objects on the page appearing in of their eyes in their own chosen color. This is pretty amazing.

To drive the point home about the level of entertaining creativity that this could bring to the young kids, James Murden, co-creator of discovAR, added: “We wanted to do something truly revolutionary with our next product and this is the result – a fusion of AR and VR for the first time in a coloring book like this. Kids love coloring. Kids love technology and apps. Thanks to discovAR, they can have the best of both.”

pic2 discovAR

With discovAR, kid will combine their coloring creativity alongside that advantage technology has to offer to learn, while having fun. Supporting the campaign brings to life the prospect of new learning and coloring experiences for kids.

Watch the video below



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