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Companies Utilizing Local Deals Work for VR

A Czech and a Slovak company have come to realize that a local deal is best in the global melting pot that is the digital travel market.

In a bid to render more comprehensive services, mobile navigation app builder, Sygic of Brno and booking group, Bratislava-based, Tripomatic are coming together. Both companies are leading edges in their separate fields.
The agreement is for the two companies to work together while retaining their independence. However, in order to promote progress and expansion in both companies, the name ‘Sygic Travel’ will be adopted in their effort to produce the trip-planning mobile app for iOS and Android.

To achieve this, Sygic Travel planned to launch at first an app with immersive 360-videos that could be viewed using a VR headset on Oculus Rift, and later on, one for Samsung’s VR devices. The company intends to connect VR inspirational videos with the possibility to plan and book a trip within the app.

In the case of Tripomatic, the deal meant increment in cash due to improve number of patronage from programmers as a result of the partnership.

Media scrum

Sygic became popular in the media few years ago when its charismatic CEO, Michal Stencl, 37 this year, was reported to have been nursing the ambition to ‘destroy Microsoft’ at the age of eight. He wrote his personal operating system called Qube OS as a teenager and this led to numerous job offers, including one from Silicon Valley. All offers declined to build his company. Sygic now offer travel and navigation services worldwide and has over 200,000 customers, including companies like Amazon, Jaguar Landrover and Honda.

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The company is ranked No. 2 publisher in the overall Travel & Local category on Google Play & Apple App Store worldwide.

“I realised that to build something difficult is definitely your competitive advantage against the others,” says, Michal Stencl, CEO, Sygic. He continues, “The early mobile navigation environment was chaotic and cutthroat, a dog-eat-dog world of competing operating systems.”

“When we started in 2004 there was Symbian, Linux, Windows Mobile – Maemo was the new flagship of Nokia – then iPhone and then Android. Nobody knew who was going to win the market. Our advantage was that we’d designed the whole app to be operating system independent”.

Not the first deal for Sygic

Tripomatic is a company founded by husband and wife team Lukas and Barbora Nevosaova. Frustrated from missing a number of places they would love to see, in an attempt to plan a Swiss holiday a few years ago, they both discover there is gap to fill in the market for an app.


Tripomatic began as a web-based service in 2011 and launched an iOS app a year later. An Android app and Blackberry 10 in 2013, plus they later overhauled their website to create a unified experience across platforms.

Tripomatic is free to users. Revenue is made through the sales offline data and commissions from travel services.

Tripomatic is not Sygic’s first deal. In the mid-2014s, the company acquired be-on-the-road, a smaller rival, which helped boost the number of downloads. But recently, its expansion has been through the launch of a wide range of new navigation apps and services.

Stencl can congratulate himself as he help a new navigation apps flow into the VR market.

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