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Company Launches VR Ad Program


Immersv, a Los Angeles based company believes that there is money to be made with advertising in virtual worlds. The company recently announced its VR ad program which will allow people to “click” on ads by gazing long enough at an ad with their eyes. The ads will then be able to take them to further video ads for other VR products, games and offers.

Source thevrexperts com

The users will also be able to go to the app store of the VR platform’s app without needing to take off their headset.

Immersv Co-Founder and CEO, Mihir Shah, said “Advertising in VR is still in its very nascent stages, but based o nthe early consumer response to our ad unites, it is clear that VR-based video ads work extremely well.

Source variety com

The company has been generating around double of the revenue that they would get for mobile ads. A lot of the Immersv team comes from Tapjoy, a mobile ad company, so they have some good experience.

As of now, VR is still new, so it’s too early to say if this will work or not, only time will tell.

Watch the video below



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