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Comparison of Hulu and Netflix VR App

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Hulu and netflix Users who own the $99 Samsung Gear VR headset have had the ability to experience virtual reality with Netflix. The Netflix VR app has enabled Samsung Gear VR users the ability to enjoy the latest seasons of Daredevil or the latest Office reruns among several other options.

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The latest news that has hit the surface is that now Hulu has made its virtual reality app available for those who own the Samsung Gear VR. One just has to pay $7.99 and they can enjoy the up-to-date Hulu shows.

But in reality, there’s not just a price difference in both Netflix and Hulu’s apps, rather there are differences in the experiences they provide as well.

They have some basic differences which are as follows;

Firstly, while using the Netflix app, you see that you are often transported to the company’s attractive cabin. The cabin shows posters of original series of theirs such as Daredevil and Bajock Horseman. The Netflix brand range seems to follow the tagline of being subtle and blatant. They have incorporated red furniture in the VR cabin as well. The navigation tools in the headset are steered through the Gear VR trackpad. However, if you are not so comfortable with the whole environment scene, nothing to worry about. With a single click on the ‘Void Theatre’ option, you can simply switch to a floating screen rather than the cabin pictures.

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While on the other hand, we have the Hulu app which offers a variety of different environments to choose from. There we have a modern living room, a beach theme and also the void theatre option. Thus, it offers the same as Netflix but a lot more than that too. Also you can experience the beach view in the night mode or the day mode. It all works according to your preferences.

Though the Hulu app gives you the opportunity to choose between different varieties of themes, it does not give the option to change the size of the screen. This option is given in the Netflix app where you can change the size of the screen according to how you want to see it. Imagine watching your video in a larger screen which would seem the same way you were watching the whole movie on a theater itself. Would that not be cool? Yes, it would, but this does not mean that the Hulu app is not as good as Netflix’s app as mentioned earlier, the Hulu app has the option to choose from several environments.

Secondly, both the apps have a bunch of content available for the users, but Hulu offers 360 degree videos as well. That could be a reason that the price of the Hulu app is more than Netflix’s app. Also, in Hulu’s app, you can simply turn around your head in different directions and with the movement of the head the entire view of the footage will change and you can see the entire scene.


All things come with a bit of drawbacks. One of the disadvantages of both the apps is that you cannot watch it with friends. The Oculus Rift on the other hand incorporates your friends and family who want to enjoy through the TV via their ‘buddy list’. But if you want to experience the virtual reality world at a low cost while getting to watch several shows, these apps are both good options.

It is entirely up to you which apps you want to purchase, but hopefully this breakdown will help you a bit when you’re choosing.

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