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How Compatible Are Drones and Virtual Reality

In recent times, it is common to see people with brick lookalikes strapped to their heads, in amazement and awe. What those people have on are virtual reality headsets. These are the latest technological fad and their popularity is rising day by day. In the last one year, their popularity has grown exponentially.

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It is very evident that virtual reality has a prosperous future, as recent technologies emerge making the scheme more attainable. It’s no longer a futuristic technology or an impossible balderdash of science fiction.

This showcases the rising demand for 3D content filmed in 360-degrees for cinematography, advertisement, tourism, architecture, real estate, construction, gaming, sports, sports analysis by coaches and players and in many other industries.


In a research carried out by Goldman Sachs, it was estimated that the virtual reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) market would be worth an astonishing value of $80 billion by the year 2025.

To meet up the rising needs of the briskly growing market, many drone manufacturers are outfitting innovative products with latest technology.


One of this is Drone Volt. The research and development section of Drone Volt has merged the best of its technologies in producing the Janus 360. This is a spectacular drone that can capture awesome aerial images that can be used (when video processing has been done) in virtual reality playbacks systems, goggles or helmets.

Basically, it is an original flying camera dedicated to producing video content for virtual reality. This quadcopter has ten 4k cameras spread over 2 heads for usage such as taking pictures and videos that once assembled and processed, provides an immersive invigorating 3D experience for virtual tours and 360-degree videos.


“The audiovisual market currently represents 80% of Drone Volt’s customers,” says Dimitri Batsis, Drone Volt president. “We find it necessary to provide innovative and futuristic solutions to our customers, so we have developed Janus 360, the first drone dedicated to virtual reality; with 2 heads and with 5 cameras on each, allowing a fantastic 360° result. One of the major strengths of our model is the ability to shoot in the air at 360° without any elements of the drone, such as propellers or landing gear appearing in the image.”

It’s really amazing times ahead for drone and virtual reality enthusiasts. More gadgets and products would be made driving innovation and further reducing costs.


Drone Racing league plans to race drones around a 3D course. The quadcopters are also equipped with LEDs to help track movements while racing around the 3D track. The race can be viewed by spectators from the track point of view or from the virtual reality views. The first official race was held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami while the next would be held at an abandoned shopping mall in Los Angeles. The drones can attain top speeds of 70 mph. The race courses are 3D and not 2D routes like flying around a building.

The Aerial Sports League is also a FPV drone competition. This is a major future of drones and virtual reality.

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