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Concepts of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

The underlying principle around virtual reality is creating illusion draws from an innate human need to remove him or herself from real life. People have tried using drugs like marijuana, cocaine and opium when that didn’t work only headgear and the Internet was left. It is believed that if humans can communicate better in a virtual environment, then breakthroughs will be made in regards to man-machine synergy.


Bill Gates is the father of the internet revolution. Thanks to his dream of putting a PC in every home, most of us have grown up knowing what a mouse and a keyboard is. However, like every invention, it has served its purpose and it’s time we moved to the next stage. Virtual technology allows users to engage and interact fully with their environment. Learning is through the faculties. This type of interaction leads to fresh pathways of interaction.

For those who have had the chance to be in a virtual environment, you must have been completely baffled by its levels of autonomy. You were able to move around, play a game with at least two players and undertake a virtual task. The added feature that the 3D environment borrowed a lot from reality must have really gotten you at the edge of your seat.


Technology’s driving force has always been to make life easier for man. How can virtual reality do this? A firm involved in civil engineering projects can use it to create mock-ups and demos. This can be tried and improved after being taken back to the design team. The value in this is the cost minimization and the time saved. Imagine constructing a building the magnitude of the World Trade Center and then trying to alter it. Virtual reality makes that all a whole lot easier.


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