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Console Gamers Are Amped Up

Console gamers

Lots of people are excited about all of the VR advancements and announcements. It seems as though console gamers may be some of the most excited people. recently did a survey with consoler gamers and PC gamers.

Here were the questions…
“New ‘virtual reality’ technology will soon be available, allowing you to experience more immersive entertainment at home. Wearing a special headset linked to devices such as computers or games consoles, you will be able to move around within virtual three dimensional environments and see and hear as if you were actually there. This could include playing video games, as well as interaction with other content (such as films or simulated environments). Assuming the price was acceptable to you, how interested would you be in having this type of ‘virtual reality’ technology at home?”

63% of console gamers expressed interest in VR and just about 51% of PC gamers showed interest in VR.

When the surveys narrowed the consoles solely to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, 71% of gamers showed interest in VR.

The results show that console gamers might like more interactive experiences and PC gamers are happy with the current norm (that’s not VR). It could also have to do with the cost as PC headsets could cost from $599 to $799 and users will need to buy a PC if they don’t have one yet. The console headsets such as PlayStation VR cost less as they cost about $399.

Watch the video below



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