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Statistics of How Ready Consumers Are for Virtual Reality

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According to a new study of 12 western countries carried out by Newzoo, 11 percent of people are looking to buy into virtual reality within the next 6 months. According to this same report, Spain is most aware of virtual reality and Canada is most willing to shell out the cash on it.

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Recently published data from an online survey with participants from a dozen different countries gives an intriguing glimpse into the cultural attitudes towards and the general awareness of virtual reality. This new report indicates that statistics mined from around 2000 respondents from each country, another 3000 in the US, and indicates that awareness of consumer virtual reality is much more than what you would expect.

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Are Consumers Ready for This Technology?

When asked the question “Are you planning to buy VR products in the next 6 months?”, interestingly 16 percent of Spaniards, 12 percent of Americans and another 10 percent of British all stated that they would be doing just that. The least level of interest was found to be in the Netherlands where only 4 percent intending to take the virtual reality plunge and 15 percent of residents in Belgium are apparently completely unaware of virtual reality at all.


Still according to the same report, the willingness to pay serious money for VR products is encouragingly high and at least among a majority, technologically savvy subset of this survey which are mainly gamers. To illustrate this, even with the 7 percent of Canadians ready to go for virtual reality, 28 percent of those have already paid more than $600 on related products with Sweden t 24 percent and the UK at just 18 percent.

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Virtual Reality and the Steps it has taken

VR technology is here and although it only just arrived, it is making its first steps into the consumer market and the complete newbies to this technology can use and judge this new medium. With all of the prospects and potentials of the current virtual reality technology, the opportunities for what is to come are even higher and still growing. High end virtual reality hardware has only been available for pre-order as at January of this year.

It will be very be very exciting to see these numbers as we pass through the holiday season into next year.

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After going through all these numbers and figures and statistics in general it is very evident to see where the future of VR will be. The signs are very encouraging and with continuous efforts at development and a persistent push towards making the technology more easily accessible, the sky is indeed the limit.

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