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Could VR Disappoint?

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Oculus is set to be released in the market and so a lot of customers are talking about it. But people shouldn’t be shocked if the VR fails to meet their expectations. There has been a lot of talk about VR video games. Sony’s Playstation, Oculus and HTC Vive might get a high disapproval after they are introduced into the market.

All the above VR products are expected to be sold in high numbers. The actual sales numbers could end up having a direct correlation with their cost and how easy they are to use by an average user. When people get the headsets though, one of the possible negative effects is getting motion sickness.

Sony is expected to launch their products later this year. It comes with a lot of advantages IE it will be cheaper and will come with PlayStation 4 games.

Oculus Rift will be distributing their products very soon. With the headset going for 600 dollars, but it requires a quality personal computer which has a card.

HTC Vive is set to be released in April and it will cost less than 700 dollars. This requires a high-quality computer. Sony will release their PlayStation VR in October and they will cost less than 400 dollars. They also have a bundle that will consist of a headset, a camera and controllers.

Some of the possible disappointments to companies could be in the form of low sales as a result of people not wanting to spend the money or not knowing how to use the VR product(s).

Some of the possible disappointments for people who do buy VR devices could be in the form of motion sickness, feeling like their money wasn’t worth what they received or confusion in trying to figure out how to use their new gear.

Everything may go great for companies and consumers, but there’s clearly a chance that one of the sides could end up a bit disappointed.

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