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Creators of Very Successful Video Game in the 90’s Now Launching VR Game



Myst was a point and click adventure game created in 1993 that transported players to a dock in a mystery world, from there the players would solve a variety of puzzles and unlock tasks that helped tell them the story.

The creators of Myst were created by two brothers, Rand and Robyn Miller. Rand spoke of Myst’s success, “Myst resonated with people and connected with a broader audience. It surprised us because we were a couple of brothers in a garage, and we thought some people would like it. But the idea of being dropped into a world that you weren’t sure what you could do, or why you were there, and without the stress of killing things or leveling up – it worked for whatever reason.”

Source pcworld com

Myst sold over 6 million copies. Myst’s sequel, Riven, sold over 12 million copies.

Now the Miller brothers are back at it with a new game called Obduction. Obduction follows the same type of game play as Myst – the story and locations are unveiled as you play the game. Obduction was kicked off by a crowd funding campaign on KickStarter, raising over $1 million.

The Virtual Reality version of Obduction will offer the same type of gameplay as the Mac and PC version, except the experience will of course be more immersive.


Watch the video below




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