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Dassault Aviation Presents Its Aircraft in Virtual Reality on Oculus Rift

Immersive Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation is an international aircraft manufacturer of business, luxury, military, and regional jets. It is a French aircraft and a subsidiary of Dassault Group. With innovations and creative thinking fast approaching into the technology limelight, the company finally presents its aircraft in virtual reality on Oculus Rift—the Immersive Dassault Aviation (IDA).

What We Know About Dassault Aviation’s Immersive Dassault Aviation

With so many companies around the world embracing virtual reality technology as a pathway in engaging consumers to experience simulated reality and are seeing good results, it comes as no surprise that more companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Dassault Aviation released a new VR experience known as Immersive Dassault Aviation, which enables players to take control of three of the company’s planes.

VR Experience

On April 12, 2014, the manufacturer attained a record as the world’s first to have a formation flight by a combat UAV (the Dassault nEUROn), a civil aircraft (the Falcon 7X), and a fighter aircraft (the Rafale). Through Dassault Aviation’s excellent integration of novel and brilliant aeronautics and digital technology, anyone can now make this formation flight in 3-D virtual reality with the Immersive Dassault Aviation application.

The application was introduced for the first time at the Paris Air Show last summer. Its main objective is to present the company’s aircraft and to share its passion for aeronautics. It seeks to improve the aeronautic training to a great extent and bring about easy approach in doing so.


The IDA application was collected and designed by the E-Communication team at Dassault Aviation and by the Modedemploi SOFTEAM Digital agency, which puts the player at the controls of the Rafale flying over the splendor peaks of the Mont Blanc range. The 360-degree 3-D immersion in the midst of the aircraft is a quite stunning experience.

Dassault Aviation

Three play modes are proposed, and these include the following:

Patrol flight

Here the player has to hold on to their positions with the Rafale with respect to the nEUROn and the Falcon 7X, prepared for any deviations in heading and formation. It is basically a free roam ride with the fundamentals of aeronautics.

Target course

The goal here is to navigate the Rafale through the middle of virtual targets, taking the best possible flight path. It is the mode of flying with already laid-out goals and objectives.


This mode entails looking for the characteristics of the Rafale, Falcon 7X, and nEUROn with esteem regard for the formation flight over Mont-Blanc with the help of the Oculus headset and its 360 degrees capability.

 Watch the video below



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