Detroit Pistons Turns to VR to Help Drummond Up His Game

Will VR Solve Detroit Pistons’ Drummond’s Free-Throw Shooting Issue?

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The question on fans of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons fans lips now is how Andre Drummond can do better with his free throws. He currently converts an abysmal 36 percent and fans will very much like to see this stat improve next season. This poses a big challenge for the big man and the Detroit Pistons this offseason.

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How VR Can Help Detroit Pistons’ Drummond

In the course of the four years he has been with Detroit Pitons, Drummond has never done better than 43 percent from the charity stripe, and last year was the worst he has had. Drummond’s woes have given Piston’s head coach no other choice than to find new ways to help him improve his shooting game. Preceding game interviews, Coach Jeff Van Gundy notified reporters that the idea of shooting is in play.

According to Rod Beard of the Detroit News, Coach Jeff said,

“As far as shooting underhand or anything else, it’s fair to say my discussion with Andre yesterday and the discussions Jeff and I have had and staff—everything is on the table.”



One other option that can be considered is the use of virtual reality headsets. In his interview with ESPN, Van Gundy stressed the fact that all options are “on the table” but also added that “virtual reality stuff” could be used to help him.

Whether it’s stuff that can be done with visual imagery, some virtual reality stuff or changing dramatically how the ball is shot, it is all on the table. Over the next couple of weeks, staff will come together and they will discuss with outside people and rally around with Andre to evaluate where he stands mentally. For it to be effective, it has to include him all the way.

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According to Van Gundy, Drummond showed signs of progress during practice, but these things tend to be different during games. “In practice, he can go in and make 65 to 70 percent,” he said. “That should translate closer to 50 percent in games. But that isn’t happening.” Maybe the VR headset could actually be the answer. At this point, it doesn’t hurt to try.

It remains to be seen how virtual reality can be used to help Drummond up his shooting game, but one thing is certain, we have seen the potential of VR headsets in training and simulations, and as close as these things get to reality, they can be used effectively to train the senses and muscles into a better synchronization level and ultimately improve any particular aspect of the game.

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