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What Differences Will VR Create In Our Daily Activities

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Howard Goldbaum, Director of Graduate Studies at UNR’s Reynolds School of Journalism, was among the first developers of VR. He says that VR experiences are going to branch out into many industries.

Movie producers have started to go nuts for VR as most production houses are creating VR teams. George Lucas production has launched the latest version of Star Wars, which will be featured at Disney parks.

However, virtual reality has its negative sides. Some researchers have found VR experiences can be stuck in the brain like how a day to day activity does. Overall, the industry is taking this seriously. Neil Schneider, a member of the Immersive Tech Alliance, said, “I’ll give you an example – Sony actually just came out and put an age recommendation on its VR products of 12 or over, so it’s already taking steps to ensure age appropriateness.”

Fighting and action are going to be in VR. So is pornography. That’s not all VR is good for though, by any means as it’s going to hit a lot of industries and produce a lot of revenue.

Advertising is another major aspect of VR. When someone is wearing a pair of headsets, they tend to believe that they are capable of doing all sorts of things, but that doesn’t prevent them from looking at an advertisement meant for them.

When it comes to how people relate to each other using VR, there is a new way to view it. Facebook and other companies are aware of this and so they are looking for a possible way to stop any kind of bullying.

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