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Digital Light Brigade Successfully Tests and Configures the GoPro Hero 4 Session Cameras

What You Need To Know About Digital Light Brigade

Digital Light Brigade is a company based out of Raleigh, NC and they are pioneers in the market of virtual reality content and experiences. They also offer sales of equipment and services. In addition to this, Digital Light Brigade provides virtual reality hardware and software evaluations upon request. You can join the initiative at


Digital Light Brigade which is also known as recently announced that it has successfully tested and configured six GoPro Hero 4 Session waterproof action cameras in a rig that will produce much more affordable and immersive ultra HD 360-degree and spherical videos. They announced the successful configuration and test of this 360-degree camera using six separate but synchronized GoPro Hero 4 cameras. With this synchronization, they were able to achieve the ultra HD capture quality.


Thoughts from the Co-Founder…

According to DLB Co-founder, Chad DiGirolamo, “To my knowledge, no one has attempted anything like this yet using the Hero 4 Session cameras. The light weight, high action, HD cameras are new to the scene, but the technology was ripe for some virtual reality experimentation. So we took it on.”


The GoPro lists its larger Hero 4 camera in a six camera configuration, which comes complete with hardware, software, charger and rigging for a little under the $5,000 mark. However, the product is not going to be available until later this year in August when Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is expected to release the Oculus Rift VR headset. Digital light brigade set the price for their 360-degree VR configuration using the GoPro Hero 4 session cameras at below the $2,000 mark with the cameras inclusive.


DiGirolamo continued, “With our inexpensive harnesses for six Hero 4 Session cameras, the opportunity to play in the VR recording space just quadrupled with one of the smallest HD cameras on the market. And to top it all off, this one’s waterproof!”

After successful tests, DLB is currently in the process of filing several patents and will continue in its efforts to develop several other concepts in 360 degree and 3D content. DiGirolamo concluded, “It’s our intent at Digital Light Brigade to lead and accelerate the adoption of fully immersive, HD virtual reality technologies and experiences on a grand scale through affordable professional video equipment like GoPro’s Hero 4 Session.


“With creatives geared up around the world, the VR community will usher in a new millennium of immersive entertainment, education, and historical documentary; seeing and reliving human experiences like never before. It’s, Life All Around.”

Digital Light Brigade has made excellent strides in the area of 360-degree videos in the past and their latest advancement with the GoPro Hero 4 is a particularly welcome development.

Watch the video below



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