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Disney Is Making Arrangements To Bring its Audiences To the Set of Their Favorite Movies

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We’ve all seen a ton of movies over the years and the experience is fun. With the recent introduction of virtual reality technology, this experience has been taken to new heights with a fully immersive experience. Now imagine going a step further and actually being on the set of a movie you love. Imagine being on the set of the next Star Wars movie watching the director Rian Johnson train Daisy Ridley to perhaps become a Jedi. You can agree with me that this will be a new and fresh experience altogether.


Disney is Using Nokia’s Ozo VR Camera

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Star Wars owner, Disney is now currently working on the next best thing. Disney announced a deal to use Nokia’s $60,000 virtual reality camera, Ozo to take you behind the scenes and be a part of the set of future movies. This advanced virtual reality camera will bring you closer to the movies you love and you can now see the inner workings of these movies.

More About Nokia’s Ozo VR Camera

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The Nokia Ozo is a full 360-degree camera and it is one of several recently released cameras designed specifically for virtual reality purposes and virtual reality film making. With eight different camera lenses pointing in different directions, the ozo can stitch together a spherical 3D video thus allowing you turn your head to look in any direction you desire. With the VR headset on, you can almost feel like you’re in the scene, wherever the scene might be. The scene in this case might be the set of a Star Wars movie or a Marvel movie or an Indiana Jones movie, whatever movie as long as they’re all properties owned by Disney, you can now see what happens behind the scenes and how the magic is created and a movie brought to life. This experience will give you a whole new understanding and appreciation of the movie industry.


As of this moment, it is still unclear whether Disney will choose to use the Nokia Ozo for those specific franchises previously mentioned. What is certain is that Disney will create “special VR content for a range of Disney films” as part of the deal. One of the first videos shot by Disney was just a red carpet experience for The Jungle Book.
However, Nokia Technologies president, Ramzi Haidamus insists his camera won’t just be a “sideshow” for Disney films. He says Disney is currently testing the camera to create a variety of content, including original work — and that we should expect to see the making of a “very high-visibility movie” shot with the Nokia Ozo.


Nokia also has an exploratory partnership with 20th century fox, but Haidamus says that this Disney deal is the first where a movie studio has committed fully to create virtual reality content with the Ozo camera and publish it to the world. These partnerships are on track to produce excellent content for audiences around the world.

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