Disney's VR Lets You Experience the Disney World Without Moving Around

How to Get the Disney Experience Without Moving Around

Disney hasn’t been in the publishing front for a while and their support for Disney Infinity may have waned, but the PC gaming market is where their interests lie now. They have recently launched a new fee application that lets VR users into the very large Disney media universe—the Disney Movies VR.

Everything About the Disney Movies VR

According to Engadget, the free app Disney Movies VR has launched recently on Steam. All it needs is a VR headset, a PC with at least Core i5 and 3GB of HD space, 8GB RAM, and probably a controller. For the GPU, you’ll need at least an AMD R9 290 or GTX 970. The system has to be of high specifications. With the app, you’ll be able to have the experience of some of the movie magic from the Walt Disney Studios.

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Disney Movies VR

A collection of short movie segments is available for users to go through via a VR head mounted display unit. Some of these segments contain clips from the movie Captain America and also a scene from the Jungle Book and even some parts of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In one of the clips, users are seen going on a run through the Star Destroyer on Jakku from the most recent Star Wars movie, while another clip shows BB-8 stringing up itself so as to be stable while in the Millennium Falcon.

The concept of the Disney Movies VR app is different and brings a cool feel in the way it makes users experience VR without heavy instrument. However, there haven’t been much positive feedback on the app so far.

There have been different complaints about the app, giving it a mixed rating of sorts. Some users say that the absence of 3-D positional tracking doesn’t give unlimited interactive experience and they easily got dizzy and nauseous from other apps that aren’t more than 360-degree panoramic shots. It is believed that it’s easy to get motion sickness using virtual reality headsets due to the fact that your eyes make it look like you’re moving when in truth you actually aren’t moving at all; mixed signals are sent to your brain as it believes that you are moving, resulting in motion sickness.


The automatic panning and forced view isn’t the only problem. The judge and 20fps standard on some videos are what have brought about the most complaints. As known, VR needs to run at least 60fps so that users won’t have experience any kind of sickness (a standard of 20fps is enough to make anybody sick). This reason is one of the reasons why Sony has made it a point of note that no product must run under 60fps if it would be run on the PlayStation VR. Sony also offers a special optical frame buffer to make the interstitial frames double so that the impression that apps are running at 120fps will be given. It’s a device meant to prevent health risks.

In conclusion, the Disney Movies VR app is definitely cool, as it gives VR users something to play around with while spending zero dollars. but the frame-rate issues really need to be fixed for HTC Vive users.

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