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Is Disney Sitting on Top of a Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity?

Disney recently experienced a plunge in its media business which is making investors skeptical about buying stock in the company, but it still doesn’t mean Disney’s stock cannot be held forever in your portfolio. But investors shouldn’t worry has a branched out sources of income.

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A deal with Nokia

Disney’s adventure parks and Media networks are what makes Disney popular and also forms Disney’s major source of revenue. Disney recently penned a long-term deal with Nokia to use its Ozo cameras to create 360-degree scenes for movies, marketing materials as well as other purposes.

In Disney’s most recent movie, The Jungle Book, the $60,000 Ozo which is installed with eight 2K cameras was used to create VR extras content.

The company’s choice to create 360-degree content could help Alphabet’s Google as well as Facebook, as both of them have been commending content producers to share more 360-degree content. Both Facebook and Google are putting efforts to occupy the leading position in the virtual reality market. The odyssey, a 16-camera rig with GoPro was launched recently by Google with its price pegged at around $15,000 in 2015, while Facebook recently announced to the public about an open source 360-degree camera design named “Surround 360”.

The Surround 360 allows customers to create their own high-end cameras for $30,000.

The market for high-end Virtual Reality cameras is still a young one, but the company’s collaboration with Nokia might encourage other leading media firms to follow suit if it is able to produce fascinating Virtual Reality based videos. If that takes place, low-cost solutions like Facebook’s Surround 360 and Google’s Odyssey could turn into less appropriate products for massive studios while enduring too costly for ordinary customers.

Furthermore, Ozo’s smaller size compared to GoPro’s and Facebook’s bigger circular rigs is an advantage that can attract movie producers to want to make use of the device. It is a great win for Nokia at the moment as it is making waves very early into its introduction compared to GoPro as well as many other VR camera manufacturers by making a deal with Disney. However, it is still possible to say that Ozo will become the topmost pick for skilled VR filmmaking.

However, Disney’s decision to associate with Nokia for long-term business collaboration clearly signifies that the company could be achieving a timely benefit in the tapered market for high-end Virtual Reality cameras. Given the fact that the virtual reality market is expected to grow exponentially in the next couple of years, it looks like Disney can gain an early movers advantage.


Even if it doesn’t, Disney’s efforts to further diversify its revenue stream indicate that the company will consistently try to grow and gain traction other surging sectors.

Hence, there shouldn’t be any course for alarm for Disney’s investors. They should probably hold on to their stocks.

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