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Donald Trump Fans Harass Bernie Sander’s Fans in VR

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Trump fans have been known for being hostile, because many times there has been violence at Trump’s rallies. Well, apparently the hatred can go anywhere. Literally.

Donald Trump Supporters Took Over Bernie Sanders’ Supporters

Motherboard recently reported that Bernie Sanders’ Second Life headquarters is being taken over by Trump fans. 

Second Life enables users to purchase property within the virtual world. Somebody created a Sanders headquarters and soon after, Trump fans purchased the land next to it and created a giant wall. At the top of the wall, Donald Trump yells “We have twenty times more traffic! I keep winning! You can’t stump the Trump!”


Second Life Newser documented the virtual war showing Trump fans trolling Sanders Support Group’s member, Macaria Wind. The Sanders headquarters in Second Life is within the Caspoli region and the Sanders banner is able to be viewed from the satellite.


Trump’s Second Life wall is 180 meters and has a gigantic American flag on it with fireworks on top. Wind (the Bernie supporter on Second Life) said, “(What) is not a laughing matter are the racial slurs and bigotry witnessed by one group member who visited Trump HQ when there were actually people there.”

Watch the video below



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