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Dota 2: Virtual Reality Combined with Spectating

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Valve is planning on combining virtual reality with spectating with it’s own game, Dota 2. The only other game that competes as a spectator e-sport is League of Legends, which was created by Riot.


This mode is shown quickly on Valve’s SteamVR site with new VR features that are going to now be on people’s “favorite games”. The video shows Dota 2 e-sports type stream in space that includes a 3D mini map of the game which also includes avatars that are full sized as well as holographic infographics that a user can see by utilizing their Vive controller.


As for spectating, Dota 2 is awesome as you’re able to view amateur games as well as pro games. The user also has the ability to move the camera freely and the ability to see lots of random stats that are displayed with a static video stream.

In the quick trailer video, it doesn’t look as though there’s a VR view for the actual game. Many games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 are typically rendered in 3D, however, it’s played utilizing a fixed perspective. Therefore, a head tracked camera that is floating free could be awesome but probably very hard to create from a technical perspective.


It’s becoming easier to see how some sort of combination between a Rift, Vive, e-sport and also a CastAR type of augmented reality experience could become the popular way for people to watch others play video games.

There’s not yet a date for Dota 2’s spectating mode to be released and Valve doesn’t typically talk about their software’s shipping dates.

Watch the video below



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