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Dublin Event Spotlights the Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality

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Latest market predictions for the use of augmented and virtual reality by Digi Capital, reports that the use of augmented reality and virtual reality is expected to increase revenue from current levels of less than $10 billion annually to $150 billion over the next five years, as the industry gears up for mainstream adoption.


Against this backdrop, the ARVR Innovate conference and expo, taking place in Croke Park this week will be the venue of discussions on the future of augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Don Levy, Samsung and Others to Share VR Knowledge and Initiatives

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experts from the US, UK and Europe such as veteran visual effects luminary, Don Levy, will share their advice and knowledge on how they have paved the way in revolutionizing how creativity and technology work together, demonstrating how it is being incorporated into our lives. Samsung will use the showcase as an opportunity to show some of its VR technologies, including a pre-launch demonstration of its new 360 camera headset.

This conference will place the spotlight on both practical and commercial applications of augmented reality and virtual reality that brands and consumers are experiencing right now.

Of particular interest will be AR and VR applications for digital communications in the retail, tourism and construction/real estate sectors.

Lots of VR Buzz at the Conference


It is expected that the conference, which is the brainchild of Alex Gibson, a lecturer at DIT and a broadcaster, will attract a lot of interest from agencies who have an influential role in client technology deployment such as Digital Marketing Agencies, Business and Technology Consultancies, Branding and Marketing Consultants, Software Development Consultants.

Organiser, Alex Gibson, recently commented, “This year’s conference is all about the business of delivering effective applications, based around augmented and virtual reality technologies that add real value across multiple industry sectors.”

He added, “With visionaries such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg predicting AR and VR to be the next major technology platform to come along within the next decade, the time to experiment and experience the potential for this amazing technology is now.”


James Dearsely, who founded the UK based consultancy firm Digital Marketing Bureau, emphasized the importance of all businesses understanding what’s on the horizon.

“Consumer adoption of these technologies will dramatically increase in coming years and we have to be prepared for it all.”

Speakers at the conference include the founder of Smith Brook Farm, Don Levy, Bandwidth head of innovation Dean Johnson, DAQRI director of marketing Regan Wynne and Suzanne Delaney, head of digital at Ogilvy & Mather.

AR Marketing

The objective will be to attract those managers with purchasing influence in the technologies employed in their organizations within every one of these vertical markets. This will include, but will not be limited to, Chief Technology Officers, Procurement Managers, Marketing Managers, Operations and Facilities Managers. Aside from client-side attendees, it is anticipated that the conference will attract significant interest from agencies who have an influential role on client technology deployment. This group includes Digital Marketing Agencies, Business and Technology Consultancies, Branding and Marketing Consultants, Software Development Consultants.

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