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Some of the Most Embarrassing Things You Will Do With Virtual Reality

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With the imminent arrival of the virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VRs, there is bound to be plenty of embarrassing VR related stories that will be shared in restaurants and bars and even on social media. After spending some time with virtual reality it is very easy to see all of the things that people will do that will be awkward to say the least. Some of them will be talked about below.

Ultra VR

You can get Sick with VR

First of all, there is the very real possibility of getting sick. With all the excitement for trying VR for the first time, you probably won’t heed to all the warnings of how it can affect you physically and you rush into the experience and before you know it, you have a little motion sickness. Even if you’re a gaming nerd and your desire to stay in the game overrides the urge to puke all over, after a period of time you do begin to feel the effects and you all but give in. you might want to keep a bucket close by for any eventualities.


VR is Surprising

Another common experience for first time users is genuine shock and surprise and it inevitably leads to screaming. The feeling is so close to real with virtual reality that the thought of falling from a great height or something hitting you or scary things all around you will most definitely have you screaming in fear. Just hope nobody is around when you scream like a child and you don’t wake or disturb anybody with that childish shrill.


VR is Exciting

As a proud owner of virtual reality gear, you are most likely going to annoy all the people around you. It is a brand new experience unlike anything you’ve seen before and you will be so excited about it that you will tell everyone you know about it and you will probably insist that they try it themselves. Your persistence will surely annoy them and even if you don’t bother people to try it out, your constant use of the tech will be somewhat annoying to people around you.

VR UKfest

If you’ve heard about virtual reality and you go on to try it, you will most likely have heard about virtual reality porn and most people will surely be curious about it. To some virtual reality porn is bizarre to the extent that they will simply have to try it out and chances are you will be caught in the act especially if you don’t stay alone. The fully immersive nature of the headsets will make you oblivious to the environment around you and you don’t pay attention to people walking up to you.


All of these embarrassing things can and probably will happen to you and the list is just the beginning. There are many other things that are associated with the use of virtual reality and if you indulge in the experience one or more of these things will happen to you.

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