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Emotional Responses Towards Virtual Reality Are A Positive Pointer for its Advancement

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Virtual reality technology is the talk of the moment and this new technology is gradually gaining traction in the tech industry. Although this piece of technology has drastically transformed the digital media industry and it’s been introduced to the masses in 2016, it probably won’t take off fully for another year or two. There are still a few issues that must be resolved before it hits the market full blown. These issues range from cost to the overall experience.


The popular brands in the market which are the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are still very expensive and that cost will have to come down considerably before more people buy it. The low level or lack thereof of engagement with the tech is simply down to it being relatively new and developers still working on different means to get the best out of it.

People who use the VR headsets for the first time display a wide variety of emotional reactions and most of the surprise at how incredible and new the experience is a very encouraging factor for the development of virtual reality technology for the future.

Virtual Reality Evokes Emotions

The Verge

There is a video of a woman whose reaction to her first VR experience was very interesting to look at. The video shows the true potential of virtual reality to provoke deep emotional responses from its users. In the video the woman is genuinely scared of the situation she was placed in and with her headsets and headphones on, she is fully immersed in this virtual world filled with zombies trying to attack her and she accepts it completely. Her reaction was down to the fact she was using it the first time and the game in which she was a part of was kind of scary.

The Verge

For more experienced VR users and gamers, the same set up would just be like any other simulation depending on the intricacies of the gameplay but it will still be an enjoyable experience overall. Might not be mind-blowing for them as they are already used to the usual sceneries of zombie games and what not but it will still very enjoyable nonetheless. However, these experiences will generally provoke similar emotional responses as that of the woman from the average VR user.

Virtual reality will eventually reach a point on its growth curve where it will face doom, but it will most likely come from more than one form catering very different audiences. Virtual reality is much targeted on gaming right now and it makes sense to help with adoption but the spectrum of experiences and applications available is much wider. The applications are so broad and dynamic that we keep finding out new ways of using virtual reality.


If you are curious about the game experience that got the woman shouting and screaming in fear, you might want to check out The Brookhaven Experiments which will be available to play in June.

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