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Engineers Get Ready For Massive Amount of Data Caused by Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things

U.S Summit 2016

Internet Tech company executives have been making it clear to their teams that data is increasing in huge amounts. Data is increasingly important.

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The annual Open Compute Project Summit is held in San Jose, California. At the summit, executives welcomed many companies such as Verizon, SK Telecom, AT&T and Deutsche Telecom. They spoke amongst each other about ideas on how to handle the masses of data that are due to come as a result of Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things.

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Mahmoud El-Assir, Verizon’s Chief Information Officer, said that obtaining data quickly from data centers will be a serious issue for VR and any connected device in which small time lags can cause real issues.

Source convergedigest com

Jay Parikh, Vice President of Engineering for Facebook, says that some of the possible solutions to the mass of data that’s coming is Intel’s Yosemite server system that’s on a chip as well as the newly created 100 Gbit Wedge Ethernet.

Sony has taken initiative in the issue of increased data as well with it’s recently announced Everspan. The Everspan can serve up to 14 expansion unites with each olding 680 trays and 64 disks within each tray which makes up a total of 181 petabytes of data. The trays are then obtained and delivered to the readers by 2 robots, one which goes to get the trays and the other to load and unload them. Sony’s plan is to begin to ship Everspan systems in July 2016.

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