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Previously, Disney Theme Parks have installed VR in their rides. Also Landmark Entertainment is already building a whole VR theme park in China.

But for now Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is introducing the VR concept in actual roller coasters. This will be installed in 9 theme parks altogether across the US.

thenextdigit VR Rollercoaster
This has been possible by the help of Samsung Electronics America and has become its official partner.

Samsung has made use of the mobile Gera VR device in the rides. This is designed to give the pleasure of each and every twist and turn arounds during the roller coaster ride.

The Vice President, Nick DiCarlo says that the VR Gera will be from their well-known mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

The marketing Vice President of Samsung, Brett Petit has also mentioned their experience in VR. He said that they have been exploring VR for the past many years but the advancement of technology has made them achieve which was not possible before but can be implemented now.

The VR will be incorporated in:
1) Dare Devil Dive
2) Magic Mountain
3) The Great Escape
4) Goliath at Lakonde

The New Revolution roller coaster will allow the passengers to fight battles and an air to air combat during the ride.

It is evident that virtual reality will enable theme parks to continously alter experiences each year without having to build very expensive new rides.

The fun and enjoyment of roller coaster rides is now officially going to the next level.


Watch the video below



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