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ENTiTi Creator: Now Anyone Can Easily Create VR Content

ENTiTi Creator


Think about pointing your phone at your new washing machine to get an augmented reality startup lesson on how to use the machine and touring a not yet completed house and seeing what it will look like with your furniture placed in it with the help of the virtual reality device.


There are infinite everyday uses of augmented reality and virtual reality, but until now these classy technologies have been only in the hands of the pros of programming.

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Israel’s WakingApp targets to simplify and democratize the augmented reality and virtual reality with the ENTiTi Creator, the cloud-based platform of Maclets and PC using which anybody can create augmented reality and virtual reality content easily and instantly available to view on most of the smart glasses and mobile devices.

Udi Shani, CEO of WakingApp said, “Our groundbreaking VR/AR creator allows professionals, from advertisers and architects to developers and designers, to create their own content and connect with their target audiences in new ways. Heading into 2016, we see a strong and growing trend in the manufacturing of smart glasses, but many don’t realize that these products cannot exist long-term if there is no content available for them. Our goal is to connect to millions of potential content creators out there so that billions of potential viewers have something to watch.”

Alon Melchner, the founder, and president of WakingApp told ISRAEL21c that ENTiTi Creator is not competing with the costly Hollywood level studios. It is easy to use tool for the amateurs to develop and enhance product, game, service or therapeutic program.

augmented and virtual reality

He said, “We’re offering a magic brush to create whatever you want. If someone wanted to learn how to create VR it would take two years of education, and now they can be up and running in a month.”

Soft-launched in January and was introduced to the consumers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. By March, there were about 2,000 users of ENTiTi creator creating about 25 new pieces of content daily.

Melchner said, “For now it’s free so we can educate the market since most people have not experienced virtual reality. Later it will be available through a monthly subscription. We are preparing a marketplace like Google Play where creators can create content and charge $1. We want to be one of the biggest sources of content and content creation.”


More creators, better results

WakingApp that founded in 2013 in Rosh HaAyin has created much interactive augmented reality and virtual reality apps of the advertisers and game developers. During the last World Cup, the smartphone app of WakingApp allowed the viewers of Israel to kick a virtual soccer ball into their TV and win points and Domino’s Pizza.


Mechner said, However, “We and our clients saw how much time it took to create the content and get it approved by the provider — Apple, for example. You had to wait and pray that your app would be ready on time. It was expensive, time-consuming and there were a lot of technical demands. We wanted to do away with all that.”


No Coding Needed in ENTiTi Creator

There is no need for coding with the ENTiTi Creator, “You can upload and place any video, sound or image file, save it, click ‘publish’ and it’s immediately online. If you make a mistake, you just update rather than going through the whole process again.”

This drag and drop tool enables the artists to do the same thing that the developers are doing. Melchner said, “We enable more people to achieve better visual results in minutes or days rather than weeks or months. We can even enable new types of business and ways of interacting.”

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Douglas Clinton, the research analyst at the US investment bank Piper Jaffray, said that he predicts 2016 to set the stage for the bulk acceptance of virtual reality over the next few years. “One of the most important elements will be a broad array of compelling, high-quality content that excites the average consumer about what’s possible.”

Expansion in China and United States

The release of ENTiTi Creator follows the $4.3 million Series C funding of WakingApp round in late 2015 led by a Chinese online game developer and distributor Youzu Interactive; and one the largest search and internet companies of China. Some of the funds are reserved for the expansion of ENTiTi Viewers and ENTiTi Creator manufacturing and sales in China and United States.

virtual entiti

Daniel Chen Fan, the Investment Director at Youzu Interactive said, “AR/VR technology… is on the verge of influencing every aspect of our lives. It is an industry that is projecting 13,000% growth in three years and revenues of $150 billion in five years. What impresses us about WakingApp is its ability to overcome a great user barrier by simplifying the way one creates AR/VR content, and we plan to bring this revolution to the Chinese market.”

In 2016, WakingApp is launching above twenty ENTiTi templates for a virtual reality store, architecture VR, VR gallery, VR trivia, 360-degree interactive pictures, and more.

Melchner said he is “curious to see where this will go. When VR becomes very big I hope we will already have thousands of types of content. And it will easily adapt to new platforms.”

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