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Epic Games Still Cagey With Their Virtual Reality Plans

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Virtual reality has found countless applications and gaming is one of the major areas in which it has found much use. A lot of effort has gone into development of titles that are exciting for the consumers and different studios have made innovative strides at this virtual reality market. Epic game is one of those studios who have done very well with their previous titles and it remains to be seen how they will make the leap into virtual reality or if indeed they will be making that leap to start with. It is more likely than not that they will have to go the virtual reality path in one way, shape or form. The extent to which they do is what is in question.

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Epic Games and Their plans for Virtual Reality

Epic games will probably include virtual reality games in the future but Bullet Train might not get the nod for VR as they have no plans to develop its virtual reality demo into a full game. This is according to lead producer Tommy Jacob. The sci-fi shooter will instead remain a tech demo, Jacob said and this is proof of what the company hopes to achieve with virtual reality.

Jacob has said before that the demo serves a significant purpose internally at Epic Games and even though the company has yet to create a full virtual reality title, the success of Bullet Train in the hands of those who have tested it out has made for a very compelling case for VR development at the company.

“I think there’s an obvious argument for the game side of Epic to embrace the VR and build something,” Jacob said. Bullet Train plays a major role in that and he cited it as an example of what Epic Games hopes to achieve with VR.


At this year’s game developer’s conference, several designers from Epic games also confirmed Jacob’s claims that Bullet Train’s primary function will be for internal use. “You’re not going to see [Bullet Train] in the foreseeable future,” Epic Games’ Nick Donaldson said then.

For those who have tried out the VR experience which made public appearances at events like last year’s Oculus Connect have spoken highly of its bullet time action and extreme violence all the while in a very immersive presentation. As the studio works towards its first VR game, they aim to continue in this path of constant iteration.

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“I don’t think Epic has a game future that doesn’t include VR,” Jacob told Polygon. At this time, however, there aren’t any full VR titles in development at Epic Games and the studio hasn’t confirmed when we might expect to see one. For now, Epic games splits its virtual reality focus between its game development and Unreal Engine VR editor with which developers can start to build in virtual reality. They also have other impressive VR demos like Showdown available to download.

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