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The Event Industry Is the Target of the Most Advanced Virtual Reality Headset


The Infinitus PRIME tVR has been tagged the “the world’s most advanced and visually striking virtual reality headset”, and several sectors such as the tourism, event, marketing sectors were put in mind while building the high-specification device.

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Howard Thompson, CEO of Infinitus Global, said: “Infinitus Global has launched more than a VR headset, we have launched an enterprise offering which has been designed to provide our customers with industry leading return on investment, low total cost of ownership, high durability, a versatile engagement model and a deep understanding of the VR marketplace and its technical breadth. In the event industry, production companies will purchase them and lease them out with support from us and deploy them in a commercial environment.”


The infinitus Prime tVR was launched at an event at the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge by Thompson, who is also the MD of UK events agency Delion with business partner Marek Polcak.

The device went through a three-year development process with real-world testing by more than 30,000 unique users from across 60 countries. The Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive do not measure up to The Infinitus Prime tVR has in terms of resolution as the Infinitus PRIME tVR has a higher resolution than any other commercially available VR headset. The device is multi-platform, that can run on any OS like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It also has a 140 degree field of view – compared to the 90-degree field of view offered by its rivals and it provides the opportunity to run multiple headsets through one computer.

“An uncompromising approach to developing the ultimate VR solution drove us to create bespoke hardware and software components, coupled with the very best in commercially available technology,” said Polcak, chief technology officer at Infinitus Global.

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