Experience Having a Virtual Reality Migraine with Excedrin - VR Life

Excedrin Helps You Feel Other People’s Pain with VR


People have called virtual reality an “empathy machine” as it can help transport people to different worlds so they can experience pretty much anything in other people’s shoes.


Excedrin is now joining the virtual reality frenzy with their, “The Migraine Experience”.

It’s an augmented reality simulator that enables people to have a headache so that they can understand what it’s like. Excedrin’s website says, “Harnessing the power of augmented reality to bring true empathy to migraine sufferers.”


The simulator doesn’t give people migraines, obviously. However, it mimics certain migraine symptoms like “sensitivity to light and sound, disorientation, and aura”. Excedrin’s Brand Manager, Scott Yacovino, said, “experiencing is believing”.

No app could perfectly make someone feel exactly what it’s like to have a migraine, but this seems to come as close as possible as it helps people feel migraine symptoms.


The marketing campaign seems to be working so far as Excedrin’s YouTube video already has over 400,000 views and there’s a Huffington Post article talking about it and that has over 83,000 shares. It makes you think… what other types of experiences will be created to help people feel what it’s like to have certain issues such as migraines.


Maybe one day there will end up being experiences for toothaches, athlete’s food, kidney stones and more.

Watch the video below



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