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Exciting Games on the Samsung Gear VR Revealed

Gear VR

In the very foreseeable future, virtual reality will play a big role in determining how we interact with computers. There are a number of virtual reality apps available that you can play using nothing more than a smartphone and an affordable VR headset.

A few VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive have been widely accepted, as the equipment are high-powered and they provide the User with amazing experiences such as the Google Tilt brush. An app that is also noteworthy of mention is the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality as it appears to be preferred as it has one of the most accessible and popular platforms for virtual reality.

The Samsung Gear VR has dozens of games and immersive experiences available already but there are a couple of apps that can be counted among the best five, in our opinion, in the industry and they are available at the Oculus Store.

The Best Apps That Come with the Samsung Gear VR

Check out some of the best games and apps you can enjoy when you purchase the Samsung Gear VR below.

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Archer E Bowman ($7.99)

Archer E Bowman

In Archer E Bowman, you defend the kingdom with a trusty bow from rampaging armies and beastly hordes and earn magical ammunition while doing so. Fans had played the demo version of this game when it was released a couple of years ago and were only too glad to get the full version.

Please, Don’t Touch Anything ($8.99)

Don't Touch Anything

Who hasn’t been in this position before? In this game a buddy needs to take a break and politely ask the main player not to touch anything on a control panel that has a red button on it. Who obeys that kind of instruction? No one, and that’s what makes the game extra fun. The downside to this exciting game is you can’t save your game, and you have to start all over again if you don’t finish a session, but the game is dynamic, as it has multiple endings that players can achieve based on their actions.



Land’s End ($7.99)

Land's End

In Land’s End, you find yourself on a landscape and use the dots as a guide to move around and find puzzles to solve. There’s an opening menu where the basic mechanics are discussed. This is a great game to demonstrate why technology is so special. The developer, Ustwo, created a game that anyone can pick up and play, even if they’ve never tried virtual reality before. It is a wonderful achievement in virtual locomotion.

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition ($6.99)


The Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, developed by Microsoft & Mojang, is a virtual reality version of the popular block building game on PCs. It has been played on desktops, mobiles, and now can be played using the Samsung’s headset. Minecraft requires a game pad and its users can choose to create their worlds, giving players a unique perspective and an immersive experience in a ‘blocky universe’.

Floor Plan ($6.99)

Floor Plan

The game, created by Turbo Button, is a simple but clever game. It was developed to work exceedingly well for the limitations of a platform instead of around them. In Floor Plan, you travel up and down floors in an elevator solving puzzles and moving objects around. It works very well with the touch pad of the Samsung Gear VR, as you don’t get to move around your virtual environment much—considering you are in an elevator—and you have to figure out how to achieve your goal of getting out of that cramped space.

That’s all for our top five Samsung Gear VR games at the moment. If you have any opinion about our current selection or think we’ve left out some remarkable games and apps, please leave us a comment

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