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VR, Are There Any Exclusive Rights To VR Content?

The VR company, Oculus, is facing a challenge in establishing its immersive VR product. As a result of this, it has delayed supply and has disappointed its prospective customers. As titles meant for Oculus Rift system only are now played on other VR headsets, one can now ask “Is there any exclusive rights to titles in virtual reality?”

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Barely four weeks after the March 28 launch of the $600 system, hackers cracked the cartoon platform game “Lucky’s Tale” and VR vignette collection “Oculus Dreamdeck” for the HTC Vive, an $800 VR headset. This headset was released on April 5 by Smartphone producer HTC and gaming Company Valve, which operates an online marketplace known as Steam. Since “only on Oculus” content has been hacked, content purchased from Steam can be used for either Vive or Rift. Despite the fact that titles from the Oculus Homes Online stores are meant to be played only on the Rift system, neither Oculus or HTC can restrict developers from selling contents to other companies.

This situation poses a problem to Oculus as the privacy policy of the Facebook-supported VR pioneer is being questioned. As most VR developers are designing contents for other systems, some of them are still producing titles for either Rift or Vive, although they currently have different content schemes.

“We’re focused on the Vive right now because of the ability to create room scale experiences but we’re planning to release on every platform available,” said Kjartan Pierre Emilsson, co-founder and CEO of Solfa Studios, the company that created the “Everest VR” simulator. “In these early days, we think it’s important for “Everest VR” to be experienced by as many people as possible,” he explained.

For years, video games have been exclusively restricted to consoles which are more difficult to hack than PCs. Thus, gamers can only play a “Super Mario Bros” installment on systems created by Nintendo while the “Uncharted” series are only on PlayStation devices. Moreover, gamers with an Xbox can use the “Halo” console. Such a situation can be referred to as “the console wars”.

Though, both Rift and Vive requires high-powered PCs for their operations and provides similar windows into 360-degree virtual worlds, they currently have different approaches to VR. The Vive sensors and wand-shaped controller offer VR across a room while the Rift can only offer VR when the user is seated with a traditional gamepad. However, Oculus is set to change the situation with the launch of Touch controllers later this year.

By October, Sony will release a PlayStation VR system at the cost of $400 which is cheaper than Rift and Vive. This device will only work with a PlayStation 4 console and possesses more exclusive titles such as “The Robot Battle” games, “RIGS: Mechanized Combat League” and a VR rendition of “Star Wars; Battle Front” The President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Shawn Layden, expressed his opinion about the new product. “We think content is the king. We have six months not only to educate consumers about VR but also make sure we have a robust line-up when we launch in October. I think we will have a nice healthy line-up when we bring PS VR to the market. It is so important to have all the software there.” he explained.

It is possible that in the next iteration of these Virtual Reality systems, developers will have to create content separately for each of these input devices to ensure a better VR experience.

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