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Expedia Investing in Virtual Reality

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Expedia did a study that resulted in some interesting data. They found that millennials are typically not as adventurous as older people. 43% of millennials said that they’re “intimidated” by the idea of solo travel, 32% of baby boomers said they’re intimidated and 33% of Gen Xer’s said that they’re intimidated. 77% of millennials were more apt to provide an online travel agency with more personal information in order to get advice in return the numbers for Gen Xers were 69% and baby boomers was 57%.


Expedia’s retail chief, Gary Morrison, said that older generations “enjoy travel as an experience of discovery”, millennials yearn to be “as informed as possible before they go to the destination” and that millennials need assistance in “choice paralysis” as they try to pick a destination to have a vacation.

The company has invested in virtual reality before with it’s “VR room” at St. Jude’s Hospital that enables kids with caner to visit outdoor places.

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