First Time Experience with Virtual Reality

What does it Feel Like to Experience Virtual Reality for the First Time?


The first thing sensation to be felt might be dizziness and this sensation is generally considered a negative thing in the virtual reality company.

Dizzy sounds like you’re not having a good time,” described J.B. McRee, senior manager of product marketing for HTC, who was walking a participant through a demo of the HTC Vive digital reality headset.

HTC Vive headset

The HTC Vive headset is broadly regarded as one of the most sophisticated virtual reality systems on the consumer market because it allows users to navigate freely within digital worlds. Some headsets merely let you sit or stand in one place.

The system which is made up of the headset, two base stations and two wireless controllers gives you the freedom to stand up, wander, jump and communicate with the virtual environment.

There is a catch though, the Vive’s virtual reality encounter comes with a huge price tag – about $1,149 plus shipping. That’s quite a lot of money compared to more aggressive models, like the PlayStation VR goes for about $549.

playstation vr

But Vive’s technologies, blended with impressive images actually generate an amazing experience for whoever is using it.

With virtual reality you can travel to outer space, dive underwater and appear as a giant whale in the ocean. You can also play games like archery where you learn how to use a bow and arrow.


Each experience is quite distinct – for instance, while underwater it was learned the best way to move around is to stay within the play area. HTC Vive has a safety function called “Chaperone” that prevents consumers from walking into walls or knocking over their family room furniture. When you get near to the boundaries of the play area, a 3D “fence” appears around you; therefore you know not to go any farther.

Saturn Virtual Reality Kuechenplanung

The bow and arrow game offered a whole new challenge – learning to grab items that don’t truly exist. To pick up the bow it is required to use the controls in your hand, but attempting to remember what buttons to press can become very irritating.

As a first-time user, it is usually a surprise to experience a feeling of dizziness when standing on the edge of a digital cliff – although we’re informed not everybody reacts this way (perhaps some are more scared of heights than others).

Senior virtual reality

According to McRee, nowadays you should know that there are over 180 distinct encounters for HTC Vive, including several games. Virtual truth can also be presenting some exceptional education experiences, and concerts are a good prospect for VR for an additional reason you know.

In accordance with McRee, there are some great non-gaming content coming to the Vive platform.

“Physicians can actually take 3D scans of people’s brains that have diseases like cancer. They can put on the Vive headset and actually walk through the brain and see how the cancer is attached on to the brain. They actually plan their surgeries around that keen understanding that they gain to physically get up and walk through and understand the brain,” he said.

Virtual reality is being used more and more in the medical field for training and education functions. For instance, in April, Dr. Shafi Ahmed performed the world’s first virtual reality surgery, removing a tumor from a cancer patient.

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