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Exploiting Virtual Reality to Create Weather Videos

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Weather and its monitoring is a major field of interest and it’s time to talk about the future of weather and storm chasing. Some three years ago, GoPro jumped on the scene with the first high quality wide angle action camera and this advancement changed the concept of storm chasing videos forever. It is now time for the next big thing and its 360-degree videos of virtual reality. This technology o virtual reality will launch the monitoring of weather and capturing of related events into a new and exciting era where weather studios can now capture everything without the fear of missing out on the main action and viewers can have access to premium weather reporting.


AccuWeather Storm Chasers

There is a video that was taken by AccuWeather Storm Chaser Reed Timmer on March 21 during a spring snow event in Massachusetts that demonstrates the possibilities of this 360-degree videos. He also went on to record a Nor’easter and tornado- warned severe thunderstorm in 360 and this video was created with the help of the 360fly 360 degree camera.


AccuWeather has equipped all of their storm chasers with this camera for this season and they no longer have to worry about having their camera pointed at the right direction anymore as they can now record all that is happening and never miss another lightning strike. One storm chaser is using them as a part of a video system to record weather and video inside of storms and tornadoes.


The 360fly Camera

This camera comes equipped with a wireless charger and USB cable, 32GB of onboard memory and software for windows, android and ios. Before the videos can be published on YouTube or Facebook, they have to first be converted with the software. 360-degree videos are viewable on Facebook and YouTube apps but they do not work on the mobile website versions of those websites.

Premium Beat

One of the most exciting features of the camera is that you can use them with the Google Cardboard virtual reality devices. With your $17 view master VR glasses which you can strap your phone to, you have access to the 360fly videos and you can watch them in VR.

Some people are still skeptical of the whole 360 technology having been disappointed with past’s advancements and claims of ‘this is the future’ technology. The only limitations to 360 cameras is that the video gets a little soft around the edges. Improving the resolution will greatly help and the 360fly has just unveiled their 4K version available to pre-order.


If you are looking to try out the 360fly videos and create a very fast time lapse outside of the 360fly software you should follow the following instructions:

1) Combine your movies with the 360fly windows software if needed.
2) Save the file
3) Import the saved file into Adobe premiere.
4) Export that file with “Match Original- High Bitrate”
5) Use the 360fly software to upload the video

Watch the video below



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