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Eye Sync Virtual Reality Detects Abnormality in Brain

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A traumatic brain injury caused by a blow or hit to the head, a fall or a shock can be a cause of concussion. Concussion is the internal damage to the brain which might be difficult to detect at the point of the accident as a short term memory loss or internal problems are prominent after a couple of days or when the patient returns to his or her usual routine. At the time of accident, only the outer bruises and injury can be easily visible.

In a concussion it is not necessary that the person even faints but your brain becomes more sensitive. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to detect a concussion at the soonest point.

This is now possible with the Eye Sync device which helps diagnose a person’s condition through virtual reality.

The Eye Sync has been announced by a Boston based neuro technology company; which is known as SyncThink.

The device basically incorporates a head mounted eye tracking system. This feature enables the device to track and examine the eye movement of the patient. This has been achieved due to the virtual reality installed software. It allows the person to view the movement very accurately and each and every movement is recorded. Not even the slightest movement is missed.

The Eye Sync device lets the doctors determine if any abnormality is present in the brain. The whole process takes less than a minute. If someone has abnormal eye movement, then it indicates that the person is potentially suffering from a concussion.

This device is believed to be a great invention, especially in the sports field as injuries are a common part of games. Each game player faces some sort of injury; physical or mental during some point of their career. Thus, if a collision is caused during an ongoing game then Eye Sync in minutes can detect if any internal brain injury has been caused to the player.

When the device was launched, at one of the events, Scott Anderson; the Director of the athletic training program at Stanford University Sport Medicine has said, “In my opinion, the Eye-Sync device has significant implications for sideline evaluation, and I can see in the future how this can be the diagnostic gold standard for sports-related concussions with every pro, college, and high school team having one on the field.”

He further added, “Stanford Sports Medicine currently uses Eye-Sync technology as an investigational device to screen athletes for concussion and make decisions on return to play.”

This device can be significantly used for a player who has undergone injury during a play to be decided whether he can return to play. In addition to that, it has another significance as it can be used for selecting players before bringing them onto a team.

Players need to be mentally as well as physically fit and some mental problems are not evident from the outer side. Therefore, to analyze whether the person has internal injuries this virtual reality device can be of great help. It helps the director of boards of any particular game to review the health of the player and foresee if he or she is capable to mentally play and has no issues what so ever regarding brain problems.

Therefore, Eye Sync is a huge development in the technological field.

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