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Eye-Sync Virtual Reality Tracker Approved By US


SyncThink, a Boston based company, got its FDA approval for their eye-sync device that is used to detect and point out unnecessary eye movements. Its main purpose is to point out any signs of any brain disorder, especially in the sports sectors. This gadget is a sophisticated virtual reality headset, which has cameras that are connected to it. It usually takes less than 60 minutes to enable an athlete in a virtual environment as they are told to use their eyes to try to observe objects in the virtual world. A software is used to feed back information. Once it has finally scrutinized a patient, other old methods can be performed so as to determine if they are fit to go back into the field and play.

eye sync device

The hardware is made from a high-quality material, because sports personnel can be quite rough during the process. The headset is usually connected to another device which is used to perform an exam and give out correct information of what it has detected. Its light in weight, but very costly to purchase. But what most people are wishing is that in the future, it will be sold at a lower price so learning institutions can have it on their premises. The SyncThink ineuro-technology  company with basic intellectual property in metrics and tools for eye tracking.

The eye tracking

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