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Eye-Tracking Device Added To Virtual Reality

vr eye tracking device

Fove is launching a new headset.

There will be no contact with the remote control buttons or any peripheral device. One will just sit and watch. A San Francisco firm has just manufactured an eye tracking device for virtual reality. This particular technology will be a pathway to a dreamland. When you stare, the fictional character will communicate. Watch a production of a forest and this will give you an ability to view the entire forest.

Fove is a word derived from the part of the eye that makes vision clear, it has an integrated sensor which is used to guide the motion of the pupil of the user.


Virtual reality will change a lot of information in movie and live sports streaming. It will be an essential tool for teaching professionals such as doctors and airplane operators.

Fove has a lot of competitors such as Oculus and Sony whom will start distributing their headsets later this month. Oculus stated that they will also build eye tracking for their headsets. Microsoft hasn’t been left behind since they will launch their device which is much integrated.


Fove’s headset will be launched as the year ends. The company is planning to create 1200 headset devices and they will produce a lot more after a deal is sealed between them and other organizations. Their eye tracking device is what the users should consider. Fove has a good push in the right direction as they raised $500,000 through Kickstarter.

Watch the video below



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