EyeSight Introduces Software Innovation That Will Bring VR to Phones

EyeSight Unveils VR Gesture Demo with Standard Phone Hardware

EyeSight has carved a niche for itself and established a name over the past few years by bringing gesture control to some computer platforms like mobile devices and smart eyeglasses. The company’s latest announcement brings its technology to virtual reality—a format that makes the most sense as it will propel this technology to new heights.

EyeSight Brings Virtual Reality to Phones with New Software

The company is keeping mum over details of the project, but according to a spokesperson, the proprietary nature of the technology won’t make EyeSight divulge the specifics. However, the virtual reality being introduced now is a software innovation that makes use of smartphone cameras to bring virtual reality to phones. The technology is towing along the lines of the Google Cardboard.

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The innovation does not need any additional hardware, as it makes use of the phone’s CMOS sensors. The startup from Israel has made some simple functionalities known through a YouTube video. And with the little tutorials available there, you can get to know more about these new functions.

All of this is still in its development stages, but EyeSight mentioned it had plans to consider working with developers on the SDK in “the near future.” When asked for an explanation on what the company is offering part from their latest activities in bringing motion controls to virtual reality, the company’s CEO, Gideon Shmuel, said, “[We] designed our computer vision to provide more engaging interactions with VR using finger movements that are natural and intuitive to the user. By delivering gesture control solutions that are embedded, we enable touch-free interactions for VR without any hardware additions or modifications needed, while we are further working to deliver immersive touch-free control with 3D sensors that are both embedded or computer powered.”

Hopefully, in the near future, a more immersive demo will be provided for our perusal.


Virtual reality technology will continue to see new and fresh innovative ideas like this one, and this is what will ultimately continue pushing the limits and breaking barriers. And in a short period of time, we will start to see more and more amazing capabilities.

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