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Facebook’s Zuckerberg: Useful Virtual Reality Phones 5-10 Years Away

Mark Zuckerberg with phone

It may take a number of years for consumers to take virtual and augmented reality on the go using our smartphones rather than the bulky headsets currently being used.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO met with Alibaba’s founder and Chairman Jack Ma in China this week and the conversation quickly was drawn towards virtual reality.  Ma was interested in what Zuckerberg’s response would be in regards to Ma’s idea of helping customers shop online.


Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook the parent company of Oculus and a realist in technology, views a virtual reality space where technology and market will take time to develop. With the launch of Oculus at the end of March, Zuckerberg believes that VR will become mainstream if it’s truly portable just like the smartphone and this will take some time for it to catch on. He believes that we are 5-10 years away from a smartphone that is a powerful VR and AR device that is able to act by itself. When this happens, then both the VR and smartphone market will be at par with billions of users worldwide. Once everyone has a VR device in their pocket, Zuckerberg envisions a possibility of having VR within Facebook.

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