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Farming Secrets of McDonald Revealed With the Help of Virtual Reality


An acute shortage of skills being faced by British agriculture is motivating people to find ways to attract more young people to take up a career in farming.


McDonalds has announced to offer virtual reality tours of its farms, recruiting and backing of three young farmers to disclose the secret behind its food.

The firm is set to unveil how its menus is grown, produced and prepared for about 3.7m UK customers on a daily basis. The firm also promised to use 3600 video to back it up with proof.

The motion became necessary as a quick look into the new figures is worrisome as regard the challenges the UK’s 109 billion pounds agric-food industry is currently facing.

To overcome this challenge, there is a need to recruit about 109,000 people into the food industry by 2022 to enable keep up with a rising UK population, the Food and Drink Federation says.


It’s necessary to attract 109,000 new recruits into the food industry by the year 2022 in order to keep up with a growing UK population, noted the Food and Drink Federation.

The American giant has decided to thread on the path of its three young, energetic and progressive farmers, who singularly worked on each farm allocated to them during their university placement.

One of the fast food firm’s placement students, Alice Partridge is of the opinion that the future of British farming could be affected as a result of a big skill gap in the agricultural sector.


The 21-year-old told The Huffington Post UK: “It’s not just about skills on the farm; it’s also the business skills that go with it.”

Katie Grantham, 20, who also works on the burger giant’s beef farms, is concerned about an imminent skills gap, telling HuffPost UK: “Even in the abattoir there is a high level of skill needed.”

According to Katie Grantham, she says “I’ve heard the horror stories, but what I’ve found couldn’t be higher quality in terms of production and standards.”

A research carried out by YouGov shows that three-quarters of people (74%) were curious to know more about where the food they eat comes from. The research shows that people are becoming more concerned about the food they eat nowadays.


One in five people can’t explain the process behind food production, while two in five people (41%) have never set their foot on a working farm land.

About 83% of people have never received careers advice about the food and farming sectors. The above statistics, it shows that there is need for more people to go into agriculture in order to exploit the sectors in the years ahead.

Connor McVeigh, the firm’s head of supply chain said: The McDonald’s scheme has already been supported by the government. He further said, “We have created an immersive virtual reality experience that will allow people to follow in the footsteps of farmers, suppliers and our crew, bringing the best of UK food production from the countryside to communities across the UK.”

The Environment Secretary, Elizabeth Truss, said: “As a nation we are now far more plugged into where our food comes from.” With about 3.8 million people employed in the food chain it is very important for the economic future as this will make British food and farming all it can be in the next few years, Elizabeth Truss said.


She said, “By embracing the latest technology we will foster the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

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