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Fear of Falling Studied in Virtual Reality

virtual reality phobia


Virtual reality is bringing about all sorts of new innovations whether those innovations are in the form of headsets, other hardware, apps and more. And the technology is starting to hit several different types of industries.


Researchers recently did a virtual reality study. This is one of many studies that are being created across the world as researchers attempt to learn all about virtual reality and the many uses.

The study involved 16 participants with the average age of the participants being 72 years old in a treatment group and the average age of participants in the control group, being 69 years old. The participants in the “treatment group”, were people that said they have a fear of falling. The study was meant to zone in on the psychological aspect of pathology or in other words, the phobic reaction to walking. 

The researchers wanted to see how virtual reality could potentially treat this phobia.

The therapeutic research session lasted for 12 weeks with a session each week.


Their conclusion was that virtual reality exposure therapy integrated with serious games can actually help treat the fear of falling. The techniques used were the bottom up and top down techniques and that helped actually effect the people’s phobic reaction to falling.

It’s a bit too early to say this is a decisive find by any means, but it is surely interesting.

 The researchers involved were Millet B, Jouvent R, Leboucher P, Rautureau G and Levy F. Their work was published by Dr. Roger Pinder on Dovepress.

Watch the video below



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