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Two-Headed Drone Janus 360: Specifications and Features

Janus 360 Drone

Virtual reality has been making its rounds, and all of the excitement that surrounds it is mostly tied to the content and the delivery systems in the VR headsets. You can get VR content without suitable gear, and when we talk gear, we are mostly talking camera. The Janus 360 drone is one device that is capable of many great things in this regard.

Significant Features of the Janus 360 Drone

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Janus 360

These new inventions have given photographers and videographers the ability to take shots that they otherwise couldn’t take before unless they have a helicopter at their disposal, but now, with the introduction of drones, they can do anything. And French outfit Drone Volt has even taken things to the next level. The company’s Janus 360 drone comes equipped with two heads that can carry a total of 10 cameras, allowing it to capture content without obstructions and the 360-degree video is suitable for virtual reality content production.



This concept is easily confused with the concept of drones that can be controlled with virtual reality headsets. The Janus 360 is more like a flying version of the GoPro Omni, which carries six cameras and a 360-degree video recorder. It is kind of like strapping two GoPro Omnis onto a drone. With its two heads, the Janus 360 drone can carry five 4K GoPro cameras, which can cover all angles and scenes.

“One of the major strengths of our model is the ability to shoot in the air at 360° without any elements of the drone, such as propellers, or landing gear appearing in the image,” explains Drone Volt president, Dimitri Batsisis.

Drone Volt

The Janus 360 drone is an exceptional piece of tech, but it comes with its own shortcomings. You might not be able to capture all the content you require for your feature length immersive VR experience because the drone has a battery that can only give you about 15 minutes of flight time before it requires a recharge. The package also is capable of capturing 150 GB of images per flight and can stream live content in HD to the ground.

The physical specifications of the frame measure at 500 x 500 x 400 mm (20 x 20 x 16 in) and it weighs 600 g (1.3 lb). At this time there has been no information released concerning its pricing and availability.

The Janus 360 drone will definitely wow plenty of tech lovers and users with all of its incredible features and capabilities, and it is certain that it will get a very good reception from consumers.

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