HumanEyes Vuze 3D camera:Filming 3D VR Videos Now Inexpensive

Filming 360-degrees 3D Virtual Reality Videos Now Inexpensive


Filming videos in 360-degrees is the new buzz. Events ranging from panoramic photos on Instagram, birthdays, weddings and graduation ceremonies to virtual reality compatible concerts are now being filmed in 360-degrees. The catch is the high price range of 360-degree cameras. Most 360-degree cameras are in the range of tens of thousands of dollars, thereby, making them a no-go product for the average consumer who can’t afford such high expense in the name of filming 360-degree 3D videos.

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But all these is changing with the release of the HumanEyes Vuze 3D camera. The camera offers 360-degree 3D videos at a price of $799 which is lesser than the price of most Digital Single Lens Reflex(DSLR) camera. Preorders have started for the camera which is a dream come through for most consumers who cannot afford the other 3D 360-degrees cameras available in the market.


The camera has the ability to shoot 3D videos in 4k (Full High Definition) resolution and it does not require heavy post production editing or excessive configurations, thus, making it lightweight and portable. It’s a perfect fit for the average consumer. The eight camera lenses fit like binoculars around the four sides of the Vuze. Having two cameras on each side makes it possible for the Vuze to create stereoscopic images for every direction one looks. The Vuze has a tripod support, eight cameras and dedicated controls from an iOS/Android app. It can compress raw footage to H.264 codec on the go. These files can be edited easily and videos can be updated to any social network or video sharing site of one’s desire fairly easily. The output footage would be spherical allowing viewers to pan around the completed video. The output video could be viewed using any VR headset or VR enabled TVs and other VR platforms.

A push button on the Vuze is the only thing needed to initiate the process of stitching all the images form the eight different camera lenses together. The Vuze can do all this in real time taking an amazing one minute of processing time per minute of footage by using a technique called Adaptive Blending.

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Adaptive Blending identifies objects the human eye is attracted to such as light contrasts, straight edges and faces and blends them together to create a seamless stitched image. But users could also do this themselves by exporting the video and using the included Vuze Studio software.


Other professional virtual reality cameras cost far more for example, the GoPro Omni cost $5000, Facebook Surround 360 cost $30,000 and the Nokia Ozo costs $60,000. The high prices of those other devices pushes the Vuze as the go to camera of choice for the average consumer.

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The Vuze comes with a tripod which can also serve as a selfie stick. It comes with a battery and removable SD Card which can capture up to one hour of video allowing users to capture the world around them in spectacular details.

“Current VR cameras either require advanced editing skills or in the case of other 3D solutions, demand Hollywood type budgets,” said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of HumanEyes, the company behind Vuze. “With Vuze, we are democratizing VR content creation and putting it in reach of everyday consumers.”


For videographers who merely want the benefits of enjoying a hobby, the Vuze is available on HumanEyes showroom with preorders expected to start later this year.

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