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Five Devices That Will Enhance Your Virtual Reality Experience

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Virtual Reality is the next big thing in consumer tech and it’s is already here. Every tech giant, from Samsung, Google to Microsoft, is now stepping up their VR game. In 2015, Samsung released its VR Gear. Oculus Rift, from Facebook owned Oculus VR, is out with its head-spinning feature set. Many more tech companies are currently working on taking VR to the next level with add-ons to the headset to improve your virtual reality experience. This article introduces five of the cutting-edge products that can go along with your VR headsets to ramp up the experience.



Turris by Praevidi, which is the world’s first virtual reality chair is designed in such a way that your content can be experienced from every direction. This gadget will allow the user freedom of movement in their virtual reality experience with the pivot-tracking motion sensors and enables them to be hands-free (input with Sixense Stem or Oculus Rift). Turris needs no keyboard and mouse as it comes with a built-in PC which also helps with the data connection. All you need to play VR games is a headset and the Turris.

Praevidi is yet to reveal a release date for this device.

The Turris is the first VR accessory offered by Praevidi. According to a statement on Praevidi’s website, “the performance requirements of the turris were properly defined by input of the leading minds in VR, and then designed using best practices from the furniture and electronics industries. Upon consumer release, the Turris will be offered in a variety of configurations that will allow an economical fit for a variety of VR and user challenges.”

Tactical Haptics


Tactical Haptics has a controller, specially designed to make virtual objects feel like they actually have weight. This technology works well with all the motion-based controller interfaces. The controller’s grip has sliding contactor plates through which you can feel the motion in the VR space.


Tactical Haptics works by making the controller exert pressure on the user’s fingers to create sensations, making them feel like they are lifting, grabbing, pushing or doing any other action.



Infinadeck is the world’s first omni-directional treadmill, which, paired with a VR headgear, allows users to walk and run in any desired direction. Infinadeck makes use of motorised components and a belt connected to a sensor which helps keep track of the user’s movements. The belt has multiple bands, so it helps the user to walk in any direction.

The PrioVR


The PrioVR is an easy-to-wear, full body, motion-sensing suit, designed for gaming and VR technology. It enables the user to move with no limitations and no intervals whilst providing real-time tracking of all movement. The device, which lets up to 10 people play at the same time, in the same space, comes in three versions Core, Pro and Lite. All of them are wireless and also compatible with one another.

The PrioVR’s sensors are placed at several key points on the body in order to capture the movements of the user.

The device can be pre-ordered at https://www.yostlabs.com/priovr.

Sixense STEM


Sixense STEM (Sixense Tracking Embedded Module) System, which is scheduled to be released in October 2016, is a wireless modular motion tracking system which is designed in such a way as to capture the user’s every move. The user can, with the help of the device, pick things up in the VR world.

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